Rock Man

Documentation instructions for the IdentityExpress AdminUI product, enabling you to configure your IdentityServer installations and user base with minimal hassle or prior knowledge of identity concepts. Also includes detailed instructions of deploying with Docker.


This documentation will clearly show you how to undertake all IdentityServer configuration tasks, including authorizing new client applications by application type, configuring protected resources, and managing users.

After reading these documents, you will also understand how to deploy the AdminUI using Docker, including download, configuration and installation.

The IdentityExpress AdminUI consists of two sites: the UI, and the backend API.


Adding Users via Admin UI is a powerful mechanism to enable you to quickly gain greater control over your IdentityServer system.


Understanding Admin UI Roles means that you can apply roles to Users within your IdentityServer application.

Claim Types

Understanding Admin UI Claims means that you can gain greater control of your IdentityServer application.


Client management is an integral part of IdentityServer. With the Admin UI we give you the power to configure complex client applications, without the need to learn complex specifications.


Understanding Admin UI Resources means that you can gain greater control of your IdentityServer application.