Adding a Web Client

Adding a Web Client within Admin UI is simple:

Adding a Web Application

If you choose to Add a Web application, you will see a dialogue enabling you to add:

  • Client ID - Unique identifier
  • Display Name - Application name that will be seen on Consent Screens
  • Display URL - Application URL that will be seen on Consent Screens
  • Logo URL - Application Logo that will be seen on Consent Screens. Note - must be HTTPS
  • Description - Application description for use within AdminUI

Web Application

Callback Url

You will be asked to enter a Callback URL, which is the endpoint where tokens will be sent to. This can be configured more after setup, and is the full path of the redirect URL. This must be over HTTPS:

Callback URL

Logout Url

You will next be asked to enter a Logout URL:

Post Logout URL


You will now be able to edit and add the secrets that are available to this Web Client:

Web Application Secrets

You can select a Secret Type of either a Shared Secret, an X509 Certificate Thumbprint or an X509 Certificate Name:

Secret Type

Once you have filled out and entered the required Secret details, click "Add" and the Secret will appear in the list below:

Secret List

Protected Resources

You will then be asked to select the Protected Resources that this client can access:

Web App Protected Resources

Details Review

You will get the chance to finally review all details at the end of the application process, when you will see a summary of all details entered so far.

web review

To edit, click the pencil icon and you will be returned to the page to amend those details. For instance, editing the Display Name will return you to the Basic Details