Editing Clients

Editing Clients within Admin UI

Selecting a Clients

Access the Client Details by finding the Client you want to edit in the Clients list

Editing a Client

Once you have found your required Client to edit, click the pencil at the end of the row

Edit button

Editing Client Details

This will take you to the Client Details screen, where you can edit the required Client Details.

You will notice that there are several key tabs, which we will cover in detail.

An example is editing an Admin UI Client:

Editing a Client

You will observe the tabs available to edit are Details, Resources, Application URLs and Advanced.

On the Details tab, there is a display of the following:

  • Client ID - Readonly display of the Unique identifier
  • Display Name - Application name that will be seen on Consent Screens
  • Display URL - Application URL that will be seen on Consent Screens
  • Logo URL - Application Logo that will be seen on Consent Screens. Note - must be HTTPS
  • Description - Application description for use within AdminUI
  • Status - The status of the Client (e.g. Disabled/Enabled)

There is the option to Save the updated changes, or to Delete the Client, which will be covered in more detail later.

Editing Client Resources

It is possible to assign and unassign Client Resources via the Resources tab of the Client Details Edit page.

Click the Client "Resources" tab:

Client Resources

You will then be able to switch between either Protected Resources or Identity Resources.

Assigning Client Resources

To assign Client Resources, after selecting either the Protected Resources or Identity Resources button, you will see a dialogue used throughout AdminUI that allows you to assign or unassign resources via clicking the arrow:

Assigned or Unavailable

Updating Application URLs

Through the Client interface on the Application URLs tab, you will see the option to updated Application URLs.

Authorise Application URLs

You can add a new URL via the text-box, and the "plus" button icon to add to the list of Application URLs.

There are several options for each URL:

  • Callback - can send tokens to this URL
  • Signout - can redirect to this URL after signout
  • CORS - Domain that can make cross-origin requests

Advanced Tokens Configuration

Tokens can be configured further via the Advanced Screen

Tokens Configuration

Advanced Claims Configuration

Claims can be configured via the Advanced tab by selecting Claims

Claims Config

Advanced Restrictions Configuration

Restrictions configuration can be added via the Advanced Clients tab

Advanced Restrictions Tab