Enabling Logging

How to enable logging within AdminUI

The first step for any troubleshooting with AdminUI is to enable logging. The best place for this is in the API site. By default, this application outputs to the console, which most hosting options can read from.


Logging with IIS or Azure

If you are running AdminUI under IIS, you can capture these logs by going into your site's configuration (either using the web.config or IIS configuration manager) and setting the stdoutLogEnabled attribute to true. This attribute is found in: system.webServer > aspNetCore.

The location of these logs is controlled by the stdoutLogFile attribute on the same element. Please ensure that the folder structure for this location exists and your IIS site has permissions to write to this folder.

Logging with Docker

When using Docker, any logs from the UI or API sites should automatically be picked up by the Docker logging sink. As a result, AdminUI should work fine with the Docker logging system of your choice.