Overview of AdminUI

The IdentityExpress Admin UI consists of two sites: the UI, and the backend API. These then integrate with an IdentityServer installation for authentication and authorization.

AdminUI Deployment

AdminUI is deployed as 2 separate Docker images - one for the UI website and one for the API website.

For beta testers, we have 2 other Docker images to help you get up and running really quickly - a test database image and a test IdentityServer image. These are (optionally) used for beta testing.

In production, you could choose to have the UI website image and the API website image running in the same Docker container or in separate Docker containers. Either way, it is envisaged that they will be configured to communicate with your existing (external) identity server.

Testing Scenarios

For beta testing we support one of 2 scenarios.

Full Test Environment

The first scenario is the full IdentityExpress Admin UI beta testing environment, designed to get you up and running as fast as possible, and start testing. This scenario will involve 4 Docker containers: the Admin UI, Admin API, a test IdentityServer and a test SQL Server Database, all of which are preconfigured to communicate with each other with minimal user input. Note that the data in the test database will not persist beyond container shutdown!

To get started with this scenario, check out the Installing Admin UI & IdentityServer article.

Full Beta Test Environment

This environment also comes with a test client application for testing user login and claims. This is available on localhost:5002.

Recommended Testing Scenarios

To get the most out this stage of the beta program, we recommend the following testing roadmap:

  • Using the Admin UI to seed data, creating new users and claims (http://localhost:5000/)
  • Testing created users and claims using the sample client application provided (http://localhost:5002/)
  • Integrating new or existing client applications, configuring clients and resources using the Admin UI

Admin UI Only

The second scenario is that you already have an existing (external) IdentityServer. In this case the Admin UI site and API site will run in Docker containers, configured to communicate with your existing (external) IdentityServer and Database.

Note that for this initial phase of the beta program, Admin UI only supports a single database containing both the user store and IdentityServer configuration. For more details on supported user stores, check out the Integrating with IdentityServer article.

This is our recommended scenario for the initial phase of beta testing.

To get started with this scenario, check out the Installing Admin UI article.

Admin UI Only