Searching for Users

Searching for Users within Admin UI

Searching Users

You can find Users in the application in several ways, starting with the Search functionality. Start entering the name of the user that you wish to search for, and options should appear as users matching the search are found:

Search user

User Ordering

User Ordering

You can also find Users by ordering the columns to get to the user you require. This can be achieved by clicking the caret on each column.

The caret will alter to indicate the direction of the sort

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User Selection by Status

User Selection by Status

Users can be one of 3 statuses: Active, Blocked or Deleted

On the Users page, it is possible to sort users by their status by clicking on the relevant Status tab.

This will filter out all users that are not of that status type.


You can choose how many users to display on a page by selecting the number of users to show per page at the top of the Users list:

Pagination drop-down

Once you have reached above the number of users to show on a page, you will be able to page between the users using the pagination arrows and links at the foot of the Users list:

Paging arrows