User Claims

User Claims within Admin UI

Claim Types are explained in more detail in the [Claim Types][1] documentation.

Additional Details Tab

Within the User Details page, clicking on the Additional Details tab enables you to add relevant additional optional user details, known as Claims.

By adding claims via the Users tab, you can assign and remove claims for a specific user.

Viewing Individual User Claims

Viewing Individual User Claims

In the Additional Details tab, you be able to add Claims for the new user.

These are initially empty.

Adding Claims to a User

Adding Claims to a User

Adding claims to a user can be achieved via the Additional Details tab on the User Details page.

Click on the "Select a Type" drop-down to show the full list of User claim types. You will see a set of claims added by default, from which you can make a selection.

Choose the required claim, enter a value for it, and click the plus symbol to add this claim.

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