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Rock Man

Rock Solid Knowledge is proud to announce it's upcoming range of IdentityServer products, bringing you the power and flexibility of IdentityServer and modern Identity solutions without the overhead of training and development. All products are made to target IdentityServer 4, and .NET Core and are therefore suitable for both Windows and Linux deployments.


Admin UI

The IdentityServer Administration User Interface takes away the need for bespoke Identity and IdentityServer management services. This takes care of all IdentityServer configuration tasks, including authorizing new client applications by protocol or grant type, and managing users.

Release Date: Q1 2017

  • Client Application Configuration Simplified
  • Configure Identity and Resource Scopes with Ease
  • Token Revocation
  • Internal User Access Control
  • Advanced IdentityServer Configuration
  • User Management (ASP.NET Identity only)


IdentityExpress is our ready out-of-the-box IdentityServer installation, replacing extensive technical development with a UI driven experience that can create a professional OpenID Connect Provider no matter the experience of the user.

Release Date: 2017

  • On-Premises or Cloud Deployable
  • No IdentityServer Knowledge Required
  • Installation Wizard for out-of-the-box Configuration
  • Support for MySQL and SQL Server
  • Configurable External Identity Providers for Social Logins
  • Includes Admin UI

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