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AdminUI 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that AdminUI 2.0 is now released with supporting compatibility with IdentityServer4 V2 & .Net Core 2.0 . Get your UI solution today!


Using IdentityServer as your identity provider provides many benefits out of the box. This, combined with its high degree of customizability, makes it the leading OpenID Connect Identity Provider available.

Open Source Identity Provider

IdentityServer is completely open source with no complex agreements to sign or subscriptions to pay. IdentityServer is developed to the OpenID Connect specification ensuring platform agnostic integration with no implementation specific requirements.

Single Sign On

IdentityServer comes with Single Sign On (SSO) out of the box. This is not only a user experience boon, with users only needing to log in to your brand's identity provider, but it also means that you only need to implement your authentication logic once.

Security for your APIs

Implementing both OpenID Connect and OAuth, IdentityServer can provide security for your sensitive internal resources, delegating and scoping access based on the requesting user or application.


IdentityServer is fully compatible with all mobile devices, with existing libraries available that make Xamarin integration simple, and offer support for Proof-of-Possession tokens.

Rock Solid Knowledge

Rock Solid Services

Rock Solid Knowledge are the European Partners for IdentityServer, working closely with the IdentityServer creators to provide commercial services that can help you create and maintain your own identity solution.


Rock Solid Knowledge provide the official commercial support for IdentityServer within Europe. Whether you've implemented it yourself or through one of our partners, Rock Solid Knowledge can provide technical reviews and ongoing support, ensuring operational continuity.


Need an up to date identity solution? Rock Solid Knowledge can help implement and integrate IdentityServer with your existing solutions. We work with your in-house team to update your identity solution to modern standards.


Modern security passing you by? Rock Solid Knowledge can provide your business teams with training focused on the business value of modern security and your developers with in depth technical training on claims based identity, OpenID Connect and IdentityServer.

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Use Cases

Identity Server can be used for most modern security needs, but it can also improve and simplify many existing environments or be used for specific use cases.

Active Directory

IdentityServer is a prime candidate for decoupling yourself from the Microsoft stack, opening the door to simple integration with external services and mobile devices.


Leave home grown implementations behind and standardize your identity solution, using up to date specifications written by industry leaders.


IdentityServer can provide centralized authentication and SSO for your SharePoint applications, reducing jarring log in screens.

Company Mergers

Simplify company mergers and user migrations by using IdentityServer to combine multiple credential stores into a single identity provider.

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