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The IdentityServer Administration User Interface

About AdminUI

The admin portal for managing your IdentityServer configuration.

You don't want to be entering IdentityServer4 or Duende IdentityServer configuration into your database. It's laborious, time-consuming and takes you away from developing product features. 

Let's get you developing again. AdminUI's streamlined wizards let you manage your users and client configuration, without you having to become an identity specialist. 

Save your time with AdminUI. Get a free 30-day, unrestricted trial by filling in the demo form. 

If you want a Single Sign-on (SSO) (IdentityServer + AdminUI) environment running in minutes to develop and test against why not try our all in one docker solution

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"AdminUI from Rock Solid Knowledge is a very mature, full-featured and fully supported commercial product."

Duende Software
  • Client Configuration Wizards

    Add new client appllications with ease using AdminUI's wizards

  • User and Role Management

    Manage claims, roles and applications for a user

  • Bring your own Store

    Extend or fully overwrite AdminUI's identity store

  • Import and Export Client Configuration

    Migrate your client configuration across environments and keep it in source control

  • Full Auditable Control

    All of AdminUI's and IdentityServer's operations are audited and queryable in AdminUI

  • Configure Identity & Resources

    Manage Identity and Resource Scopes for clients

  • Advanced IdentityServer Configuration

    Access to all the low-level configuration settings in IdentityServer with a friendly, easy to use UI

  • Multiple Hosting Options

    Deployable to IIS, Docker, Cloud, NuGet package, or as a ASP.NET Core web app

  • Fine-Grained Access Control

    Control access across AdminUI using ALFA (Abbreviated Language for Authorization)

  • Multilingual Support

    Supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese

* AdminUI is an annual license. Each year the license will need to be renewed for continued support and updates. For more information, visit our FAQ


Try AdminUI for FREE

AdminUI manages your IdentityServer single sign-on solution

  1. State of the art UI experience
  2. WebAPI for automation of admin tasks
  3. Simplifies configuration of different kinds of clients with client wizards
  4. Multi-Language
  5. All actions audited
  • Hawkins Inc
  • Repower
  • Bosch
  • RandA
  • Plymouth NHS
  • American Heart Association
  • Systopia
  • Deliotte

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

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