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The IdentityServer Administration User Interface

About AdminUI

The Admin Portal for managing your IdentityServer Configuration.

IdentityServer provides no administration tool for managing its configuration. AdminUI provides the necessary admin portal to manage clients and users, without requiring you to be an Identity specialist. We have packaged up the complexity of understanding the various flows through a set of streamlined wizards.

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* Client applications, including AdminUI

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Try AdminUI for FREE

AdminUI manages your IdentityServer single sign-on solution

  1. State of the art UI experience
  2. WebAPI for automation of admin tasks
  3. Simplifies configuration of different kinds of clients with client wizards
  4. Multi-Language
  5. All actions audited

Who's Using Our Products

Our products and services for IdentityServer are loved by so many. Here are just a few...

  • Hawkins Inc
  • Repower
  • Bosch
  • RandA
  • Plymouth NHS
  • American Heart Association
  • Systopia
  • Deliotte

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