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Official Products & Services for IdentityServer is the official commercial partner for the open-source project, providing products and services to enhance your single sign-on solutions.​ is run by Rock Solid Knowledge. We specialize in secure software solutions for the web and mobile. We are committed to the long-term adoption of IdentityServer:

  • When you buy products or services from us, a percentage of your purchase goes back to support the open-source project
  • We are the top external contributor to IdentityServer, adding features and fixing bugs
  • We are community advocates for IdentityServer4

We have experience developing and supporting single sign-on solutions for organizations large or small, commercial or public sector, and greenfield or legacy. We can help you wherever you are in your development journey:

If you are looking to build a secure authentication system, we can help.

  • Hawkins Inc
  • Repower
  • Bosch
  • RandA
  • Plymouth NHS
  • American Heart Association
  • Systopia
  • Deliotte

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

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