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Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

About Enforcer

Enforcer allows you to write human-readable access control policies for your .NET applications. Don't hide security policy in application logic; make it clear and visible to all stakeholders.

Enforcer is an Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) authorization engine where information about a request, and the wider context, is used to determine if the request can proceed. Enforcer's power comes from its flexibility, taking information from anywhere in your business to make authorization decisions.  

Enforcer reacts to your changes in security policy, without the need to redeploy the application.

See how easy it is to write a readable security policy by following one of our online tutorials

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  • Attribute Based Access Control

    Built upon the OASIS XACML policy model.

  • Human readable security policy

    Policies are written in ALFA, readable by anyone

  • Protect Controllers and Services

    Protect MVC and API controllers with a simple attribute. Protect any .NET code with a call to the policy enforcement point

  • Deploy policies with git

    Using existing git workflows to test and approve security policy changes. Enforcer watches the live branch, and automatically picks up the approved changes

  • Integrates with your IDE

    Develop and test policies in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Syntax highlighting and background compilation.

  • Automated testing of policies

    Deploy policies with confidence using your favorite testing framework.

  • Fully compiled

    ALFA policies are fully compiled at runtime for optimal performance

Identity =! Permissions

Why should I put Authorization outside of my IdentityServer?

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Try Enforcer for free

See how easy it is to write a readable security policy by following one of our online tutorials

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