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Bespoke Development

We can design, build and enhance your IdentityServer based single sign-on solution

IdentityServer framework is a great starting point to develop your customised single sign-on solution. However, often you do not have the right skill set in-house, ready to roll, to truly develop an enterprise-ready single sign-on solution.

Fortunately, we do. We have been developing IdentityServer based solutions for customers for over 3 years. We have developed a well-oiled process to deliver fully functional secure solutions, on time and on budget.  

Our development process has been designed to keep you in the loop throughout the entire project, providing you confidence that we are building the correct solution and on time.

Requirement Gathering

We engage with you to understand your requirements and develop a fixed price detailed proposal that will deliver your bespoke solution.  The solution could include integrating with your own custom Identity Provider, migrating users from an existing identity store.

Development Cycle

An IdentityServer custom build-out generally takes 3-4 weeks.  We will start the process with a kick-off meeting with all stakeholders and the development team.  A typical agenda for a kick-off meeting would be

  • Introductions
  • Agree on communication channels between developers and stakeholders
  • Final review of the proposal
  • Agree on dates/times for weekly showcases to demonstrate progress

The weekly showcases demonstrate our progress and provide reassurance that we are on target to meet our delivery date.


We deliver the solution in source code form either remotely or on site.  Remote delivery is typically done using screen sharing technology or remote desktop.  For on-site delivery, we will send one of the development team to your site to install the software. Whether on-site or remote, we will not invoice you until we have demonstrated the system to be fully operational.

Post Delivery

After delivery we will continue to support the solution for 3 months. Extended support contracts are also available.  You are free to continue developing the solution yourself, or re-engage with us to update the solution for your latest requirements.

Want to Know More?

Interested in finding out more about our bespoke development services? Get in touch to see how we can help you and your team develop an integrated single sign-on solution for your exact needs

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