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AdminUI 2.2 Release Notes

Rock Solid Knowledge is pleased to announce the release of AdminUI 2.2. In this release, we’ve not only added support for new languages, redesigned the landing page, and addressed a number of bugs, we’ve also improved the way we handle user authorization within AdminUI...

AdminUI 2.2 Release Notes
Kieran Odinius Tuesday, 11 September, 2018

Rock Solid Knowledge is pleased to announce the release of AdminUI 2.2.

With AdminUI 2.2 you can now configure what sections of AdminUI your AdminUI administrators can see and use. For more details, check out our user permissions documentation.


  • Configurable AdminUI administrator permissions, managed within AdminUI
  • Added UI for managing user external login data
  • Landing page redesign, including an RSS feed to stay up to date with the latest AdminUI news
  • Added internationalization for Spanish & French based on browser culture
  • Updated licensing functionality to show license type within UI screens

Bug Fixes

  • Added error message when creating API scopes with duplicate names
  • Added error handling for client applications with duplicate display names
  • Fixed redirect after deleting an identity resource
  • Fixed an issue where Boolean values were being submitted using browser language
  • Fixed ability to add multiple scopes one after another
  • Improved regex check when adding claims
  • Fixed client display when non-OpenID Connect client applications are manually added to the database
  • Fixed reported missing translations
  • Fixed issues on the user settings endpoint And a whole host of other minor UI and UX tweaks!

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