IdentityServer Production Support

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Whether it's consultancy support to help developers customise IdentityServer to their needs, or requiring assistance with production, Rock Solid Knowledge has the service you need.

Production Support

We currently offer two production support contracts, depending on the guaranteed response time you are looking for.

Annual Support

Here we look at your identity server configuration, and any custom extensions you are using, to verify whether there are any issues that could cause production problems. This means you have had a second, expert, set of eyes on your system; verifying that it is production ready.

Annual support contracts come with a free health check.

We offer next business day as well as two-hour responses. Please contact us using the form below for pricing information.


Pre-pay for a set of annual support hours with an agreed response time.

Support contracts provide access to our ZenDesk help desk system so you can track progress of your support ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets you raise in any year.

Any issue raised always has the ultimate backup of the creators of IdentityServer providing 2nd line support.

* an identity solution is one or more instance of IdentityServer, which are sharing a configuration.

You can choose to have either a next day or a two-hour response time, and additional hours can be purchased throughout the year if needed. Please use the contact form below to get more information regarding pricing.

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