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Announcing the First FIDO2 Certified Component for ASP.NET Core

Rock Solid Knowledge is pleased to announce that their FIDO2 for ASP.NET Core component has achieved FIDO2 certification from the FIDO Alliance.

FIDO Alliance Certified

FIDO2 certification means that the FIDO Alliance has certified that our component complies with the FIDO specifications and meets specific security profiles.

With FIDO2 for ASP.NET, your ASP.NET Core website can act as a FIDO2 Relying Party or a FIDO2 Server, providing secure, passwordless authentication for your users. FIDO2 for ASP.NET enables users to move beyond centrally stored passwords and even to start using biometrics to access websites and apps without their biometrics leaving their device.

As an IdentityServer4 partner, we have developed the component to integrate with both IdentityServer4 and OpenID Connect seamlessly. Adding server-side support for FIDO2 to your IdentityServer or ASP.NET Core web application can now be achieved with a few lines of code.

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FIDO2 Certification

The certification process involves a gathering of FIDO developers who test their implementations against each other. Some bring authenticators to the interop event. Others, like ourselves, bring their servers, albeit in a virtual form (see

The interop event we were signed up to attend was scheduled for the first week of March 2020, in South Korea. Obviously, that event was canceled, but thanks to the hard work of Jeffry Burke at the FIDO Alliance, the interop event still ran with participants attending virtually.

Our FIDO2 for ASP.NET component had multiple authenticators tested against it, passing the certification process with flying colours.

As an act of giving back to the community, we are now in the process of joining the FIDO Reference Implementation Program. By joining this program, the FIDO alliance can continue to use our FIDO component in future certification events and even for new FIDO2 authenticators to test and develop against.

Get a free trial or learn more about FIDO2 for ASP.NET Core.

Last updated: May 5, 2020

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