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Online Tutorials for Getting Started with IdentityServer4 and AdminUI

Looking to get started with IdentityServer4? Want to get an instance running in Azure?

Rock Solid Knowledge has released 3 tutorials to help you:

  • Implement your first IdentityServer solution
  • Add ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework support
  • Install AdminUI as an Azure App Service

Creating Your First IdentityServer4 Solution (1/3)

This tutorial will show you how to install IdentityServer with an in-memory store. You will create a basic API that will be protected by IdentityServer. Then, you’ll build a web client for the user to login and call the protected API.

How to Add ASP.NET Identity and EF Support for Your IdentityServer4 solution (2/3)

This tutorial will cover how to update the IdentityServer built in the previous video to use Entity Framework and then update IdentityServer to use ASP.NET Identity for its user store.

How to install IdentityServer's AdminUI in an Azure App Service (3/3)

This tutorial will cover how to host an IdentityServer instance on Azure, and add AdminUI to that IdentityServer.

Next Steps & Tutorial Source Code

To get a demo license for AdminUI, complete the demo form online.

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Last updated: November 9, 2020

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